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Functional Art. Earth Friendly

Sandra Ewing

   I’d never thought about sewing as ‘art’. For most of my adult life, sewing  has   been functional. Quilts, cushions, window coverings and, to a much lesser extent, clothing. I’m proud to come from a long line of women who were rarely without a sewing project of one sort or another and fondly remember sitting on my mother’s lap in front of her reliable old Singer sewing machine. She would operate the foot pedal that I couldn’t yet reach.
A love of beautiful fabric and a decidedly green lean came together when a friend who owns a high-end furniture store told me that she was looking for someone to take discontinued samples rather than have them hauled out with the trash. I came home that day with an SUV packed with fabric and not a clue in the world what I might do with it.
In creating these unique “green” SAQs, I’ve become obsessed with saving these beautiful pieces of fabric from an unfortunate end. No more fabric than is necessary is cut from the samples to piece together each SAQ. Smaller samples are used for tags or handles. Even threads are saved and then stuffed into onion-net bags to be re-purposed as nesting material by my backyard birds.


CA Penny SAQs. Functional Art. Earth Friendly.